The London Greek Film Festival aims to showcase and promote contemporary Greek or International films and screenplays with a Greek interest (cast/directors/producers, subject, filming in Greece etc.) from around the world. It aims also, to be the international meeting point and the crossroads between East and West in relation to modern Greek film-makers and the Greek Cinema. It promotes Greek culture in general with emphasis given to modern creators.

Films and Screenplays accepted from:
Greek Origin Individuals and Production Companies from all over the world,
with no specific subject in their work (Greek Diaspora & Greek-Cypriots included), or
International Individuals and Production Companies from all over the world,
with film or screenplay related to Greece (i.e. subject, myths, history, locations or filming in Greece).

Every year the London Greek Film Festival presents the Odysseus Awards in each of the competition categories. The prizeís name is a tribute to the Odyssey of the creators, film directors and screenwriters, their journey to the completion of their vision.

The Festival accepts films by Greeks from anywhere in the world (including Greek Cypriots ad second/third generation Greeks) with no subject restrictions, as well as international film-makers, as long as their work is somehow connected to Greece. The Festival has also been holding special screenings of great film-makersí works, and it also offers educational workshops.

The Festival is open to many different genres of film, including Feature and Short Feature Films, Documentaries, Experimental Films and Video Art. It also invites scripts that have not yet reached final development or preproduction stage, to take part in a special script competition.

The impartial, independent and progressive point of view of the Festival has made it a favourite with film-makers and film lovers. The Festival supports the creativity that combines the good old cinema with the existing possibilities in the era of modern technology. The parallel events give the opportunity of networking and establishing a continuous extrovert presence by contemporary Greek film-makers.

It projects the positive face of Greece, what is being expressed by todayís Greek artist, particularly in cinema and video, a field rich in creativity. It also supports the film-makersí work as well as the modern Greek culture. The screenings are attended by hundreds of cinema goers, while the Festivalís website has steadily been counting page visits in their hundreds of thousands each year.

We support also the partner International Cosmocinema Film Festival:












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